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Feel free to use this entry to contact me for plotting, one-offs, requests, or simply to offer your constructive criticism.
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Surprise me. Have an idea for a plot in mind? Awesome. I just don't want to know about it! It's no fun for me, personally, if I know what's going to happen. Do anything short of death or permanent damage and count me in.

No godmodding. Smacking Auron around is okay (with me, not him), just don't let your character go overboard and make it seem like they're fighting with a dummy while giving me no room whatsoever to write a proper in-character response.

I'm completely all for the following, just be sure to let me know beforehand:
-Telephathy and mind reading
-Kissing, hugging, any sort of physical contact of the like (no need to contact me for this one).
-Any kind of special or magical powers or items can be used. Again, as long as nothing is permanent.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here.
Please leave a link to your permissions post (or tell me the important stuff here if
you don't have a post dedicated it), as well if it's not too much trouble.
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Alliance: Once memories and familiar feelings start to kick in, he'll naturally become an ally to the Resistance. For now, he's neutral.
LP: 0
Licenses: Green Magick 1
Magicks: Protect, Blind
Technicks: First Aid
Contact: Feel free to add me on Plurk or my journal :)
AU History: Born to Royal Palace workers; his mother, cookbook writer extraordinaire and maid, and father, well-trained knight protector for the palace, Auron was their only child, raised in Dalmasca's capital, Rabinastre. His mother was a young, naive and kind woman who carried grace in her stride - a thing of beauty his father absolutely admired. His father was a noble man of honesty and good morals, though was quite stern due to his profession. The only time he ever showed that he was, in fact, a Hume was when he was alone with his wife behind closed doors. Auron was seldom granted the brief chance to witness this side to his father. He was always about rules and hardly showed any affection toward his son, but he would never contradict his mother's advice on good moral value. It was the only thing his parents seemed to share similarities on.

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Name: Amanda
Journal: [personal profile] supermanda 
Age: 19
Characters Played: N/A

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If this is how it will continue, then so be it. But I won't stray too far from Yuna.